Last, But Not Least

It’s Easy Being Vegan Step-by-Step

step-by-stepStep 24: Palm Oil

Stop buying products made with palm oil. This means giving up store-bought vegan margarine and a lot of otherwise vegan products.

What’s wrong with palm oil anyway? The production of palm oil is harmful to indigenous cultures, the environment and many endangered animals. There is a good article in the January-February issue of VegNews Magazine about palm oil. It’s not online yet, so pick up a back issue if you can. Otherwise, you can read more about palm oil production here.

Bright Idea Instead of using store-bought vegan margarine, try using plain coconut oil instead. It spreads on toast brilliantly. Much simpler than making your own margarine.

Step 25: Just Say No

Animal products are used in the production of many alcoholic products. is a great source for finding vegan beer, wines and other alcoholic beverages.

Now What?

It seems like there is always more. Palm oil wasn’t a known issue (at least not to me) when I went vegan. Now it is and I have removed it from my diet. Over time you may come across other areas of your life that need to be veganized.

After being vegan for almost seven years, art came back into my life. Much of my old supplies were not vegan. I will use them up and buy vegan as I replenish my cache.

Just do your best and take life as it comes. With this attitude, I think you’ll find it’s easy to be vegan too.