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In Loving Memory: The Story of Moose

Update: This was written and posted in 2011. I’m reposting because Moose passed away on June 3, 2013. Moose was rescued from a research lab. Animal testing stinks. It’s the cause of much suffering. Learn more here. Never buy products tested on animals and always choose adoption over buying an animal. Rest in peace, dear […]

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Tips for Healthy Living

Over the years I have become healthier by choice, not because of some grave diagnosis, but because I wanted to feel good on a regular basis. Plain and simple. When I look back, I smile at my evolution and it continues to surprise me. Here are a few tips for healthy living that I have […]

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Dear Omnivores, Cooking for Vegans is Easy!

This page originally appeared last Fall. I was inspired to write it after a conversation with my boyfriend. As I have mentioned, I left my corporate job recently and on my last day, my team had a going away lunch for me. As the only vegan at the table, the topic of cooking for vegetarians […]

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Update: Vegan Yoga Instructors and Retreats

Update: I have learned of a couple more vegan yoga instructors and retreats since I wrote this Ask-A-Vegan post below. Jasmine Tarkeshi from Laughing Lotus Yoga Center in San Francisco (and New York). If Jasmine had a DVD (hint, hint), this would be the one I would recommend. Dharma Yoga in New York City (DVDs […]

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Making Vegan Easy Week 23 Round-Up

Seven more tips for living an easy vegan life. Enjoy! Tip #155: Practice 5-minute activism. Your voice counts. Do it now. Tip #156: Eat to Live. Dr. Fuhrman, author of Eat to Live, was on the Dr. Oz show last week. His guidelines for losing weight work. Plus, you will eat healthier than ever if […]

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