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Now Offering Cooking Classes in the San Francisco Bay Area

The Practical Plant-Based Kitchen: Whole Foods, Plant-Based Cooking Classes in Your Home* Would you like to eat healthy meals at home, but can’t find the time to cook or don’t know the first thing about cooking healthy or cooking at all. Let Christine help. As a former project manager, she applied her mad organizational skills […]

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How to Make Seitan Like a Pro

While living in Chicago, I attended a cooking demo at Native Foods, a vegan restaurant chain. I never pass up an opportunity to attend a free cooking demo because every time I learn something new. The Native Foods chef taught us how to make several recipes, including seitan—a meat alternative made from vital wheat gluten. […]

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Ask a Vegan: How to be Vegan in a Meat-Eating Family?

Dear Christine, I am a vegetarian in a meat-eating family. I would like to be a vegan but its difficult to even be a vegetarian. I am the primary cook in the family and while my husband and kids are supportive, they still want me to cook meat. How can I make my family happy […]

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Not sure of your way around the kitchen?

Empower yourself and learn how to cook. Just like any other skill, once you learn the basics, it just takes practice. And yes, time, but it’s worth it when you can feed yourself healthy and tasty vegan food easily. Before you know it, you’ll be a highly skilled vegan cook and know what’s what in your own […]

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Animal Ingredients List for your iPod

The list of animal ingredients in food and beauty products is extensive, overwhelming, and can seem like a foreign language at times. For example: Civet is an unctuous secretion painfully scraped from a gland very near the genital organs of civet cats.  Used as a fixative in perfumes. Alternatives: labdanum oil (which comes from various rockrose […]

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