Food for Life classes

The Food for Life program is a community-based nutrition education program of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM). As a certified Food for Life instructor, I’m available to teach the following class series. If you would like to schedule a series at your venue, office, or home, email me for details at

Food for Life: Cancer Project
Acquire knowledge about the link between diet and cancer.

Food for Life: Diabetes Initiative
Learn more about the benefits of a plant-based nutrition approach for diabetes and prevention.

Food for Life: Kids Health
Establish in children knowledge and skills necessary to form healthful habits they can carry well into adulthood.

Food for Life: Kickstart Your Health
Discover how simple qualitative dietary choices can lead to a healthy weight.

Food for Life: Employee Wellness Program
Improve employees health and productivity through evidence-based nutrition education.

Food for Life: Healthy Basics
Realize the savings incurred with healthful eating are not only by dollars but also in quality of life

Food for Life: Nutrition Essentials (no live cooking demonstrations)
Discover the world of health through general topics ranging from digestion to blood pressure.