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Summer road trips

Gas prices are high, but I hope that won’t stop you from a little travel this Summer. My last road trip was to visit my parents in Indiana, which is definitely NOT the most vegan-friendly place on the planet. Despite that, I still find plenty of vegan food to sustain me when I visit. What […]

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Reading material

As you may have read by now, I contemplated becoming vegan for many years. Even though I knew it was the right thing to do, I just couldn’t commit (but when I did I was there 100%). It seemed like a big deal to give up all animal products (meat, dairy, eggs, leather, wool, etc.). As […]

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You Don’t Have to Wear Ugly Shoes

Being a vegan is about more than just the food you eat. An important part of being vegan is what you wear. Vegans don’t eat or wear animal products. (Check out CowsAreCool.com to learn why leather is cruel.) It was probably harder for me initially to wrap my brain around this than it was to think […]

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Find Your Tribe

You don’t have to go vegan on your own. It’s important when you go vegan to surround yourself with like-minded people. If you are friends with a few vegans, it will make your transition easier. If you don’t know any vegans, then get active and meet some. You will appreciate having their support. You can volunteer with […]

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The End of Cheese as You Know It

Do you think it would be too hard to give up dairy? I felt this way for years until a friend of mine pointed out the link between the dairy and veal industries. (Thanks, Megan.) I knew right then I had to make the change. For more information on what’s wrong with dairy, click here. […]

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